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Live Streamed July 11, 2021


A wonderful night of music with songs from shows that inspired The Girl Next Door!

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A night of music from the comfort of your own home where we perform songs from the original show "The Girl Next Door", and songs from shows that inspired our show! All the proceeds from this performance go towards a production of "The Girl Next Door" in May 2022! This performance features Ava Maria Safai, Sara Mayfield, Argel Monte De Ramos, Blake Sartin, and Katrina Teitz.

Image by Sean Sinclair


(In alphabetical order)


Argel Monte De Ramos

Argel Monte de Ramos (he/him) is a Filipino-Canadian performer from Surrey, B.C. Canada. Argel uses the power of storytelling to inspire many through his music and theatrical performances.

Ava Maria Safai

Ava Maria Safai has worn many hats on The Girl Next Door, but she is best known for being the musical's composer-lyricist. Her current published catalog of original music includes over 40 songs. When she is not creating or performing music, you'll likely find her acting or directing in BC.

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Blake Sartin

Blake (He/him) is a performer based in Vancouver, BC.

Katrina Teitz

Katrina Teitz (She/Her/They) is so excited to sing for you this evening! Upcoming Project: Kill the Ripper- Rio Theatre, Jan 2022. 

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Sara Mayfield

Sara (She/Her) is delighted to perform and support her new original show #TheGirlNextDoorMusical

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